My Story

When I was 8, I got into trouble at school for starting a book-exchange club where my classmates would be charged an entry fee of 50 cents and have access to 'donate' a book in exchange for one book - any book I've collected from my own stash and all my "members". It was a silly idea; my parents were called in by the school and I had to return all my measly earnings, but I continued to do two things: get into trouble with authorities, and brainstorm ways I could make money through business.

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Fast forward to the present ... if there's one thing that has been consistent throughout my 20s; it is two things: my love for startups and my passion for social media.

My actual journey began when I launched my first venture, Phat (Pretty, Hot & Trendy) Culture, an online fashion eCommerce store 8 years ago having met my partner in university. We were one of the pioneers in the local budding online shopping scene and we worked on it full-time for 4 incredible years. Through Phat Culture, I discovered my passion for social media marketing and all things digital; I've picked up many skills and learned the process of building a strong Social Media presence via memorable visuals, a defined brand direction and strategic ad buying. 

Moving on, I've worked on other eCommerce startups and focused on developing my skills in the ever-growing digital marketing landscape. I'm grateful to have worked alongside both big brands and growing startups - both locally and globally to help define their digital marketing efforts. I've also been a guest speaker, workshop trainer and on the panelist of various conferences / events, usually focusing on eCommerce and social media. Work aside, I'm also a coffee addict, animal rights advocate and Dota 2 enthusiast. ;) 

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
— Walt Disney


I believe in living a life of adventure; if you have a dream, keep chasing it and never let it go. 

In April 2017, I moved to Hong Kong for my digital marketing startup, OpenMinds Hong Kong. Reach out anytime if you'd like to chat.