I've been blessed to work with many exciting projects over the years. Here are some:


is a social media marketing, digital analytics and tech development startup with offices in Hong Kong and Malaysia. We help brands find their voice in the ever-evolving digital landscape, while consulting them on their online strategies. We've been blessed to work with some of the biggest brands across the region. I co-founded OpenMinds™ Hong Kong and currently lead its operations in the city.

Fit Rebel

is an eCommerce startup that aims to sell fitness clothing that you can incorporate into your daily, active lifestyle. 

Their main product is SENI - a 'Batik'-inspired high quality leggings that are hand-drawn to perfection and perfect for Yoga and Dance. I consulted Nadia, the founder, on their social media positioning and moving-forward strategies.

Dirty Benefits Coffee Skincare

Dirty Benefits

shot to fame through its line of coffee skincare products. With an emphasis for all-natural skincare, the brand wants to empower women to feel comfortable in their own skins. 

I co-founded the brand alongside Samantha Low and led its marketing & branding efforts until I left in 2016 to focus on other endeavours. 

Phat Culture

was an online fashion eCommerce store founded in 2008 when my partner, May Tan, and I were still in university. We started the business with only MYR400 in capital and grew to a 6-digit revenue within a year. We were really young and clueless about business and entrepreneurship; but the business sparked a fire in us we never knew existed. My 5 years spent running Phat Culture is truly an experience I will never forget.