Welcome to my blog. I've worked on startups and digital marketing for close to a decade; from launching my first eCommerce fashion startup at 20 to kick-starting a digital marketing startup in Hong Kong, I can't quite shake this entrepreneurial bug off me. 

I hope to share my stories and thoughts in this space, which I hope you will find useful somehow. :)



I love connecting with people from all over; I believe everyone has an interesting story to share. Let's chat via email or have coffee if you're in Hong Kong!
Sometimes I'm even looking for topics to write about - or people to feature. ;) 

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ENGAGE OpenMinds™ 

It's normal to feel lost in the ever-evolving digital and social media landscape. My digital marketing startup, OpenMinds™ consists of a dynamic bunch of consultants and we'd love to see what cool stuff we can come up with for you.

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